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How we invest

The National Capital Fund is a fund of funds.
We invest in venture capital (VC) funds which finance the development of companies seeking capital for their innovative projects.

We entrust our capital to best fund managers who are able to create significant value for portfolio companies, and ultimately generate a high rate of return for investors of the fund.

Investment policy


Holosurgical, portfolio company of GPV fund, implemented a system, which was first used during real spine surgery. The solution, based on CT scan, recognizes the patient’s anatomy and suggests the surgeon the way an implant should be put, automatically directing his hand to proper trajectory. More information at: https://www.pb.pl/stol-operacyjny-pod-nadzorem-it-950590
Nanovelos, a member of biotechnological NanoGroup, has been granted patent protection in the USA for its invention named "Process for the preparation of polysaccharide nanoparticles". More information at: https://stooq.pl/n/?f=1268313&search=nanogroup
Synerise, portfolio company of Satus VC fund, announced investment of PLN 35m in R&D. Synerise was recently included by EY into 30 the most innovative technological companies in the world.   More information at:  https://www.pb.pl/synerise-urosla-trzykrotnie-946526


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