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How we invest

The National Capital Fund is a fund of funds.
We invest in venture capital (VC) funds which finance the development of companies seeking capital for their innovative projects.

We entrust our capital to best fund managers who are able to create significant value for portfolio companies, and ultimately generate a high rate of return for investors of the fund.

Investment policy


On May 8th 2019, KFK will take part in the Infoshare 2019 conference in Gdańsk. The company will be represented by Andrzej Sałasiński Member of the KFK Board, representatives from Meta Ventures, Experior Venture Fund and Nomad, and as well by portfolio companies  Surge Cloud, InMotion, AISENS, DrOmnibus, Algolytics, Tourmedica, Fuero Games, Absolvent.pl and Learn Teach Explore, financed from the Swiss contribution.
Wirtualna Polska acquired 10% shares from Giza Polish Ventures – VC fund from KFK S.A. portfolio (PFR Group) – and bought 3% of new issue shares of Teroplan S.A. The transaction is 35th investment exit realized by one of 18 portfolio funds of KFK S.A. Majority stake in Teroplan S.A. is still owned by the company’s founders. The new capital raised will be spent for the platform development in Poland and abroad.


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