Operational Programme Innovative Economy

The Operational Programme Innovative Economy is one of six national programmes under National Strategic Reference Framework 2007–2013 (NSRO) that is implemented within the Republic of Poland and co-financed from EU resources.

The overall objective of the Programme Innovative Economy 2007-2013 is the development of Polish economy based on innovative enterprises. This programme is directed mostly to all entrepreneurs who want to implement innovative projects connected with research and development, modern technologies, investments of high importance for the economy or implementation and use of information and communication technologies.

Within the framework of the Programme Innovative Economy, business support institutions will be granted support for implementation of different kinds of projects aiming at the improvement of innovativeness of the Polish economy and Polish enterprises.

The Programme Innovative Economy intends to encourage companies to carry out research and development projects (R&D), implement their results and transfer science solutions to business.

The Programme will make SMEs’ innovative enterprising funding easier inter alia by cooperation with venture capital funds.

Within the framework of the Programme Innovative Economy the improvement of competitiveness of Polish economy abroad and its promotion as an investment target and as a worth visiting country is planned.

For more information see: www.poig.gov.pl


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