Swiss – Polish Cooperation Programme

Swiss-Polish Cooperation Programme operates in form of non-returnable international financial help granted Poland and other 11 EU members, which acceded to the European Union on May 1st, 2004, by Switzerland.

International agreements whereby more than CHF 1.25 billion will reach the 12 new EU member states. Poland is expected to receive the largest part of the financial means form the programme (about CHF 489 million) that are to be spend on the decrease of glaring social and economic disparties among the inhabitants of Poland and the entire European Union.

The programme extends over the whole country and at least 40% of all financial means will be spent on supporting four structurally weak south-east regions: lubelskie, podkarpackie, świętokrzyskie and małopolskie. The programme intends to conduct some projects concerning: initiative for regional development of underdeveloped areas, increase of security of the east UE border, natural environment improvement, biodiversity and ecosystem protection, enhancing of Polish private sector, health care and activities connected with the R&D sector.

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