Mission, goals & tasks


The mission of the NCF is to increase the access of SMEs to external sources of financing through supporting venture capital funds that will invest in SMEs of innovative character showing vast development potential operating in Poland

Strategic goals

The National Capital Fund has the following strategic goals to achieve:

  • To develop institutional investor operating as a central fund of VC funds on the Polish capital market,
  • To support PE/VC funds operating in accordance to NCF’s criteria,
  • To meet the requirements stipulated in the National Capital Fund Act,
  • To generate as high as possible rate of return on invested capital with moderate investment risk at the same time,
  • To increase the absorption of capital raised and its implementation in the most effective way that will have a positive impact on the development of Polish entrepreneurship.

Our Aim

Effective and carried out with conformity with investment criteria use of financial resources raised for the object the NCF.


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