Evaluation criteria

By investment offers evaluation preference will be given to the following criteria:

  • as high as possible capitalization of a capital fund,
  • experienced and professional management with great successes in PE/VC investments (measured by number of deals and IRRs). We will pay a special attention to: (i) experience in managing of PE/VC projects, especially these connected with investments in SMEs, innovative companies carrying out R&D projects and investments in SMEs at early stage of development, (ii) experience in investment exit and at the same time these were exits from greater investments, (iii) experience in establishing and managing of enterprises and at the same time these were greater enterprises
  • Funds with investment strategy prognosticating high rate of return
  • compatibility of managements’ experience with the fund's investment strategy inclusive of knowledge about Polish market and specificity of its business lines
  • management with a proper potential for investment strategy realization considering raising, verification and realization of investment projects
  • management making up an effective team
  • capital funds with optimal operating budget that will be compatible with the investment strategy
  • capital funds with hurdle rate exceeding of average profitability of ten-year wholesale bonds
  • capital funds with management bodies contributing to fund’s share capital pay-out


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