Polish-Israeli Fund signs an agreement with the National Capital Fund

The new fund Giza Polish Ventures I (GPV I) with the capitalization of PLN 84 million will be one of the biggest funds that the National Capital Fund has invested in so far. Investments of GPV I will be focused on innovative companies introducing new technologies.

The Fund will invest in technological enterprises of global potential already at the initial stage, which will result in providing other Polish start-ups with needed capital and expert opinions crucial for a success on the global market. What makes GPV I Fund so special among other investment funds operating in Poland is its international character of its management team, strategic partnership, investor group structure and investment strategy.

‘Strategic partnership on the management team level and the cooperation with one of the most prestigious technological funds in Israel that currently manages funds with a total capitalization of more than USD 600 million make up GPV Fund so unique – says Zygmunt Grajkowski, managing partner of GPV I Fund. Investments experts of Giza provide loads of invaluable experts opinions and experience in information technologies, software, drug research, medical equipment, clean technology, as well as media and the internet. These are some areas in Poland in which the Fund will be looking for innovative technological companies and researchers willing to commercialize their efforts.’ – adds Zygmunt Grajkowski.

The capital of GPV I comes from both domestic and foreign investors. The half of capital for the NCF was offered from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme. GPV I Fund was established for the period of eight years and its investment cycle will be realized in the period of two to five years. The Fund will support actively its portfolio of companies in building and accomplishing their development strategies, inclusively global one, entering into business alliances and opening new markets. The main way of exiting the investments will be sale of assets to the international strategic or financial investors.

‘Investment partners of Giza Polish Ventures Fund I represent diverse knowledge and experience as well as skills and abilities complementing each other. The NCF cooperates with a group of international experts with Zeev Holtzman at the head, who is the President and founder of Giza Venture Capital in Israel and Zygmunt Grajkowski, who has a twenty five years’ experience in information technology business and corporate finance.’ - says Piotr Gębala, President of the Management Board of the NCF. ‘The managing team has long standing experience concerning Venture Capital Funds, operating of technological companies and managing as well as investment banking. For many years this powerful and professional team has managed to build up a valuable contact network in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe, the US, Israel and Asia. The network can be perceived as a great source of new investment possibilities. The fund managed by the top-ranking managers has a huge chance to become one of the most important players on the Polish VC market. I would like to wish the team many investment successes.’ – he added.

International support and access to the knowledge of Giza Fund enables GPV I to successfully and credibly implement the „develop locally – sell globally” investment strategy that is based on searching for innovative business models, products and technologies in Poland so as to promote them and ultimately to sell them on the international market.

GPV I Fund is managed by the investment team consisting of very experienced managers and businessmen who made a financial success in development of their own enterprises on both Polish and international markets, which is another aspect confirming fund’s international character. They are willing to support the founders of GPV I and its portfolio investment with their extensive contact network. In special cases generating synergy GPV I will invite one or more investors as Business Angels to co-finance a selected enterprise.

The way of cooperation with portfolio companies is said to be one of the most crucial characteristics of GPV I. Fund’s partners emphasize the fact that their fund is not strictly financial investor whose contribution could be perceived only as a financial investment. Partners’ professional experience and their conviction that active management policy is essential determine „hands on” management style in increasing value of portfolio companies. GPV I team wants to act as a business partner who will actively discuss the business development issues and support founders of portfolio companies more like an advisory body e.g. supervisory board rather than taking decisions.

Giza Polish Ventures I is the first technological fund in Poland managed by the Polish-Israeli team of investment partners with more than hundred years’ investment experience in technological enterprises of global potential at the initial stage of development. The fund invests mainly in technological companies operating in such areas as telecommunications, IT and software, media and the Internet, medical equipment and so called clean technology.


Giza is one of the most experienced technological VC funds established in 1992. The fund set up further five funds of an assets value of USD 600 million. Its long-standing presence on the market resulted in numerous international business contacts in the USA, the EU as well as on the Far East. Giza Fund has invested in ninety seven companies from such sectors as communication, information technology, science and medical equipment and clean technology so far. The Fund has sold thirty two companies to such trade representatives as Microsoft, Intel, Texas Instruments or successfully exited a number of investments on NASDAQ, Tel Aviv Stock Exchange or Swiss Exchange.



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