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Smart 55 from Meta Ventures fund portfolio won the contest organized by Polska Press. Congratulations. Smart 55 is a marketing platform which offers native and context ads from the level of picture or video published on the internet.
On June 13-14, KFK will take part in the Impact’18 conference in Kraków. The company will be represented by Andrzej Sałasiński Member of the KFK Board, representatives from Meta Ventures and Experior Venture Fund, and as well by portfolio companies  InMotion, Aisens, Surge Cloud, XTRF, DrOmnibus and New Byte Order (Luna), financed from the Swiss contribution. During the conference will be also possibilities to meet representatives from The Batteries and Cosmose companies.
One of our funds - Inovo - is the winner of the PSIK award for the best venture capital management company also is best assessed fund by polish startups environment in a report prepared by Start-up Poland. Congratulations! More info on page: http://
Teroplan – owner of e-podróż webside has made a private issue of shares, from which company raised 2,3 million PLN for further business development. The company belongs to Giza Polish Ventures fund portfolio.


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