Privacy policy

Policy on privacy and use of Cookies on the websites of Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy S.A. (hereinafter: “KFK S.A.”)

Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy S.A. pays special attention to the privacy of users visiting The data stored in log files are used for administration purposes only. We do not seek identification of those using KFK S.A. websites. No identification data shall be provided to any third party for any purposes whatsoever.

Data collection
In line with the practices of the majority of websites, we collect HTTP inquiries addressed to our server. Reviewed resources are identified through URL addresses.
A precise list of information collected in the log files of the website is as follows:
• a public IP address of the computer from which the inquiry was made (this may be user’s personal computer)
• customer’s station name – HTTP-based identification, if possible,
• user’s name indicated in the authorisation process,
• inquiry reception time,
• first line of HTTP request,
• HTTP response code,
• number of bytes send by the server,
• URL address of the website visited by the user previously (referer link) - if the website of KFK S.A. was accessed via a link,
• information on user’s browser,
• information on errors which occurred during the HTTP transaction.
Such data are not associated with the persons visiting KFK S.A. websites. To ensure the highest quality of services, from time to time we analyze log files to determine the websites with the highest number of visits, websites that are used most often, and whether the layout of the page does not contain any errors, etc.

Data use
Once collected, the logs are kept for an indefinite period of time as supplementary material used for server administration. Information included in the logs is not disclosed to anyone other than the staff authorised to manage the server and the network of KFK S.A. Log files also allow to generate statistical data which may be helpful in administration processes. A collective summary offered by such statistical data does not contain any traits which could identify any of the persons visiting the website.

Cookies on the websites of KFK S.A.
Cookies are not used to obtain any information on the users of the server or to track them. Cookies that are used on KFK S.A. servers do not contain any personal data or other information collected from users.

Links to other websites
The website of Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy S.A. contains links to other websites. We cannot be held responsible for the privacy rules that apply on those websites. We encourage users to read the respective privacy policy while visiting those websites. This Privacy Policy applies to the websites of Krajowy Fundusz Kapitałowy S.A. only.

If there are any amendments to this Privacy Policy, relevant modifications shall be introduced with regard to the above procedure.


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